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French Traditional CD's Web Site

This web page intends to make recordings of the traditional French music of central France available to people in North America. It is a shame that some of the best acoustic music in the world, that of central France, is unknown and unavailable here in the US and Canada. I would like you to discover this music and come to love it.

Some of the recordings listed here are for sale by me (Mitch), others are sold by other individuals or (in one case) an organization. Ordering instructions and an order form are provided for the recordings from each source. Specifically, the recordings are purchased from four sources (one in France, three in California), each with its own order form. These sources are:

  • AEPEM/Claudie Schiller Music. Featuring the great recordings of Jean-Michel Peru (hurdy-gurdy) and Jacques Lanfranchi (pipes), and colleagues

  • Alan Keith Music. Offering the French trad CD's of two outstanding California bands: Tour de France and French Creek

  • Mitch Gordon Music. Offering home-printed CD's of excellent French trad recordings that are out of print, and original tunebooks with CD's for learning French trad tunes.

  • iTunes/eMusic/Auvergne Diffusion. I'm trying to provide links here to as many French trad recordings that are currently in print as possible. This includes CDs in cases from Auvergne Diffusion in France, as well as MP3s on major download sites (iTunes and eMusic).

For more information, contact Mitch at mitchgord@aol.com